High Pressure Water Blasting

Galaxie’s Water-Blasting resources and experienced field personnel efficiently eliminate the most stubborn deposits from boilers, tanks, exchangers, condensers, vessels, pipelines, and other surfaces requiring high-quality water-blasting results of up to 40K P.S.I. Additionally, we employ pumps capable of delivering high water volumes at low pressure to effectively flush Air pre- heater fly ash or clear plugged drain lines. The power of these units enables the simultaneous operation of multiple rotary nozzles for utility boiler cleaning and facilitates the use of multiple handguns or lances for cleaning large condensers or evaporators.
This service is not restricted to but applies to the cleaning of:

– Boilers and Tubes
– Economizers
– Large surfaces
– Pit and Sump Cleanouts Condensers
– Tanks and Pipes

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