Pipe Inspection

Sewer inspection equipment is a critical component of the sewer and wastewater industries. Galaxie now carries the Cues Flexitrax C550 Large Deluxe Inspection Package for drainpipes ranging from 6” to 60” drainpipe.

What is Cues?

Cues is the world’s leading manufacturer of closed-circuit television video (CCTV) inspection, lateral launch and cross bore inspection systems, manhole inspection equipment, pipeline rehabilitation tools, pipe profiling equipment and pipeline inspection/asset management software for sanitary sewers, storm sewers and manholes.

The C550c controller boasts a 12.1” high-definition display for crisp, sharp images and 128 GB internal memory for more than 2 months’ video recording in typical usage.

Other features include a powered reel with up to 1000 ft. of cable and instant video reporting via USB or email.

*Not limited to only servicing drain lines, but any piping where reporting and repairs may be needed.

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